Skyboo is played on a field that is similar to a Soccer field but a slightly bigger. The Goal post are in the opposite corners of the field instead of straight a cross from each other.For more detail please watch and read more below.

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Skyboo invention

Skyboo is a new sport that was invented in Guelph, Canada by Hassan Rameen Adeel, Adam and Sanar G.A Pashtun’s family in 2015.

Outdoor Game

Skyboo is an outdoor game which begins with a flip of a coin to determine which team serves the ball.The Goal posts are in the opposite corner in the field instead of straight a cross. There are 9 players to 12 players per team . The Skyboo field is vastly different than a Soccer field.

Goal Post

Scoring is very simple. The top tree of the post is worth two points. When hit anywhere else, it is worth one point. There is a D shape that surrounds the goal post, you need to hit the goal post outside of the D zone in order to score a point. Also, inside the D  zone you can use your head, arm and knee but playing with you foot is not allowed.

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